Wie entstehen die bunten Unikate?

How are these colorful, unique pieces created?

I often go to the workshop on Saturday or Sunday.
The colors bubble up at me and I can't help myself. Ideas are always there and I could go on and on. With 148 colors, it's hard to choose.
Sometimes things like the magic things are created, sometimes colors or combinations that I don't like and that nobody sees. If I don't like them, they don't make it into the program. The harmony of the colors and the way they work together, as well as smooth transitions, are important to me; it should be worth the effort of knitting/crocheting. That's my/our concept, so some colors end up in the bin.

For all my attempts, I make small samples that I knit first to convince myself 😉 (or not) and only then do we move on and organize it. What thicknesses, what sizes, how can it be implemented for production, a name is found (sometimes it is there beforehand).
Then I take the photos and put together the collages and we start production for the shops, more sample cloths are knitted and/or a large model, Katja writes the color cards

So you can see that you can't just "quickly" make a color, and we don't have custom colors either. Not everything goes together, not everything looks good as a project. That's why it's not possible to leave out a color in the middle or replace it with another one. The process of creating a new color takes its course and takes time, "quickly putting together a color" is not my thing, I have to have the head in it ;)

Feel free to take a look at our workshop, either directly or here. I will upload the video of the tour soon.

A great weekend to all


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