frequently asked Questions

Is something unclear to you? You'll definitely find an answer here. If not, please write us a message using the contact form.

1. Why is the delivery time for unique items 8-10 working days?

All unique items are handmade after you place your order, so you can always choose your special unique item and our selection is therefore very large. You can find stock in our stores, but this is not available for shipping. With 10 employees, we try to get your order on the way as quickly as possible. If we have sick leave or a public holiday comes up, there may be delays.

For us, working days are Monday to Friday.

Your order should normally be dispatched on day 10. Before you cancel your PayPal payment, please contact us briefly. Perhaps there was a delay in the workshop or your package is "stuck" in shipping. We can definitely sort it out.

2. Can I reorder something in addition to my first order?

Unfortunately, that is not possible. Processing through the shop and the organization in the workshop can lead to errors, and we would rather not have that happen. You are welcome to reorder; if we see that it belongs together, we will pack everything in one box and of course refund you double the postage.

3. Why can't I send it by consignment?

We want the wool you ordered to reach you. It travels insured and we only send it insured, security for both sides.

4. How do I order from abroad?

You simply enter your address in the delivery address, the shop will do the rest. If it doesn't work, write us a short email (German or English) and we will find a solution.

There is no German sales tax for shipping to NON-EU countries . This is calculated by customs and payable by the customer. Please find out about customs allowances (Switzerland, for example, 62 CHF). In this case, you only have the net price + postage.

Swiss customers also have the option of ordering via "My Purchase", in which case all formalities are handled by My Purchase.

5. Are the unique pieces also available in other materials?

Our unique pieces are only available in the 50% cotton / 50% acrylic mix. It is a homogeneous mix, the unique pieces do not contain any animal fibers and do not scratch, are machine washable and easy to care for. This means you can wear your project all year round.

6. Why are not all unique colours always available?

We adapt our unique pieces to the seasons and fashion developments.

7. How do I find a specific unique color?

Maybe you've already noticed the little magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner? You can search directly for color names there. Click on the magnifying glass and enter the name.

In the category you also have the option to search for tags, e.g. flowers, holidays or shades of blue etc. You will see the tags immediately when you open the category.

8. What advantage do I have as a registered customer?

If you create a customer account for yourself, your data is saved there and you don't have to enter it again every time. You can access your previous orders and track the shipment. As a registered customer, you participate in the cashback and you are credited with points (credit) that you can redeem on your next order.

9. How do I know if my goods have been shipped?

You will receive an email as soon as your unique piece is made in our workshop. We will then send your package no later than the 4th working day (from the start of production).

You can track the shipping route in your customer account.

10.Why was my order cancelled?

Maybe you forgot to pay? We only ship if you pay in advance. You can pay by invoice via PayPal, and there are also various payment options available to you such as KLARNA, Visa, etc. If you pay by bank transfer, you have to remember to pay yourself. After 7 days, we have to complete your order in order to put it into production. If it has not been paid by then, we unfortunately have to cancel it. You can then order again.

11. Can I exchange or return my unique item?

No. Your unique item will be specially made for you after you place your order and shipped directly. We do not take any goods from the stores and do not have any stock for the online shop. This is the only way we can offer such a large selection (56 variants per color)