Urlaubszeit....ich strick mir was ;)

Holiday time....I'm knitting something ;)

Hey, I completely forgot to show the finished scarf from my last blog post .

This will now be quickly rectified.

Now I'm already working on the "holiday projects" because in a week we're off to the North Sea. We're North Sea fans, even though we live right on the Baltic Sea. So far one week, this year for the first time two weeks. I need two knitting projects this year because even if we spend the day on the bike, there's still enough time to knit in the evening, right?

Last year I knitted the box sweater from our unique gradient wool Surprise for the opening in Schleswig.

After a few attempts, I finally managed to do the stitch sample for a project that I only saw in the photo. It's going to be a sweater for the shop, which I hope to be able to hang up after the holiday. With needle size 7 and 69 stitches for the front part, it should go quickly ;)

The second project will be a small, short sample jacket made of different fabrics, knitted freestyle. A customer in the shop was wearing one like this last Friday.

Now it’s time to spend another week cuddling wool in the shop, then off to the North Sea.

See you soon Melanie

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  • Gabriele Bifulco

    Hallo Melanie, ja so ein Urlaub will gut geplant werden. Bin gespannt was du so im Urlaub zauberst.
    Besonders auf das Musterjäckchen bin ich gespannt, weil Jäckchen geht immer und ich mag Mustermix! 🥰
    Bei mir geht’s in zwei Wochen in den Süden.
    Da sind deine Knäuel natürlich wunderbar, mit denen kann man auch häkeln oder stricken bei 40 Grad 😉
    Ich glaube, drei Projekte werden reichen 🤔
    Ist es nicht wunderbar im Urlaub mehr Zeit zu haben? Ich wünsch Dir gute Erholung, schöne Radtouren und viele schöne Maschen!

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