It smells like spring, it looks like spring, I think it IS spring!

Here in the north, everything is blooming like crazy, even the rapeseed fields are already there.

There is a huge magnolia tree in our garden that is just now fully blossoming. I think spring always has something of a new beginning about it, do you feel the same?

I prefer the light colors to the dark ones, although I do like brown, but in spring I'm drawn to pink (of course), lime green, light blue. I get the bike out and eat the first ice cream and I'm craving new colors (I prefer summer to winter).

I have just taken the new photos of Jeans Rosa and Jeans Erdbeere and my fingers are itching again. So I'm going to spend an hour in the sun with coffee and knitting needles, maybe I'll knit Jeans Rosa, who knows ;)

Enjoy a sunny day, perhaps in the garden or on the terrace.


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  • Maria-Elisabeth Bücker

    Liebe Melanie, ich bin immer wieder fasziniert und erstaunt über deine tollen Kreationen 😍
    Mit diesen Frühlingsbobbeln triffst du mal wieder vollkommen in mein Strickliebeherz ♥️ Liebe Grüße an dich, deine Familie und dein Team sendet Maria 🌺

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