...sometimes you just have to meet.

On vacation, you think, allow your thoughts to wander and ask yourself lots of questions. Should it continue like this? Was it a good decision? Are there other solutions?

The economic and health situation gave me the answer:

Unfortunately, we will be closing our branch in Schleswig on August 27, 2022.

Kappeln is my home base, that's where almost all my energy lies, that's where my workshop is, that's where my paints are, my family, the center of my life for 26 years.

I have always had a connection to Eckernförde, as it was my place of arrival after my "emigration" in 1993 and my holiday destination for years before that, and my family (parents/siblings) had already "preceded me" there in 1988.

So you will continue to find my shops, the wool, the employees and me there.

What will become of Schleswig?

The shop is currently up for sale, so if you, like me, want to fulfill your dream of "emigrating" to the Baltic coast, for a fresh start, an "I've always wanted to have a wool shop" wish, you are welcome to contact me here using the contact form, or by email, or of course in person in Kappeln or Eckernförde. Please only if you are seriously interested, have a passion for wool and perhaps want to continue running the beautiful shop.

See you soon

Your Melanie

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