Angekommen im Hellblau -Aloha

Arrived in light blue -Aloha

Arrived at light blue - Aloha. No, not on vacation, although that would also be an option.
2/3 of 2x150g/5ply are finished and the scarf is just crying out for vacation.
Not really my kind of color, but blue-green always catches my eye. I could even imagine wearing the color as a sweater.
For this shawl, I knitted a few wider stripes as I felt like it, did a bit of math and in the end it all fits again.

I'm sooooo excited to see pictures of projects (Facebook group, for example), the first magicians have already arrived.
I think my next one will be girls' night, which somehow fits 😉
Maybe even as a sweater or jacket.

See you soon

Your Melanie

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