Die Ideen enden nie....

The ideas never end....

Good morning,

A week ago I took this photo.

There was an idea - an old, very old idea - in my head that I wanted to implement in a new and different way, so I spent Sunday in the workshop again. I spent the whole week knitting patterns (please don't feel sorry for me ;)), examining them, determining sizes and thicknesses, and then discarding them again. The worst thing about my ideas is always the organizational implementation for production, sales, and the online shop.

For many years I have been "marrying" yarns, with each other and also next to each other. I have a few striped shawls hanging in my shops, I love knitting two color gradients at the same time. In the shop I'm always looking for the same balls of yarn, the size, thickness and length have to match, the colors have to be different. Phew... what a task with so many variations.

So we just invented the Zauberlinge...it only took a few years. My aim was that they would fit together, but not really.

Knitted or crocheted, they are completely different from the balls of yarn, which is why they are not shown - "ugly" balls of yarn can be turned into beautiful shawls or other things like scarves, sweaters or baby blankets.

The collages are finished and a new UNIKAT series is coming into the shop.

Oh, what I wanted to say - I'm knitting two shawls at the same time, Raspberry Frizz in 4-ply and Hippi-Flippi in 5-ply....I can't be stopped ;)

A nice weekend to you all

Your Melanie

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