Our history

2003 on the Baltic Sea, a mother, three small children, torn trousers, broken rubber boots and the constant desire for the next ice cream ;)

Finding a job that was compatible with a one-parent family? Impossible!

Yes and suddenly there was the wool, did it find me or did I find it?

Made in the living room, the first girlfriend thought it was great, the second and third came later, the idea of ​​earning money came naturally.

For several years I sold my wool at craft markets, with the children along too.

How often did they sit under the wool tables and entertain the customers, set up the tent or stack boxes.

The online shop followed in 2007.

In 2009, a small shop (9 square meters) was found on a farm.

From then on, everything picked up speed very quickly; we were now a patchwork family with a husband, 6 children, a dog and the first larger store in Kappeln-Ellenberg.

In 2013 I saw the beautiful pink house, right in the pedestrian zone of Kappeln, we moved in with the workshop and are still there today with the main business.

In 2014, the workshop moved into its own large premises and one shop became three.

2019 Eckernfoerde, 2021 Schleswig.

Yes, and the kids have grown up and become independent alongside and with the wool; my wool will soon be celebrating its 20th birthday.

Gradients and bright colors have always fascinated me. A flower, a play of clouds in the sky, beach, sea, like a painter paints a picture, I "paint" the wool, that's how the name

100Farbspiele wool like painted, which is now a registered trademark.